‘Tis the (Cold) Season

My older daughter, who recently moved out on her own again, sent me a text the other afternoon of her tonsils! I gasped at the photo; they were swollen and red. I immediately went into ‘mom-mode’, left work early, and went straight to the store. There are certain items I keep on-hand for such occasions and I wanted to grab a new item I had been hearing about as well.

In my regular arsenal, I have a fairly new addition that has quickly become my all-time favorite! I first tried it about 2 years ago after seeing it pop up as a natural remedy favorite of many on health posts: Elderberry! I knew I had heard about elderberry syrup but could not have told you what it was for. (Was it for ice cream or on pancakes?) Well, I discovered it is a natural immunity booster long used for treating colds/flus. It also boasts numerous other benefits as well.

I tried both the syrup and then I discovered my favorite form to take elderberry….gummies!! I even gave my sister-in-law some for my nieces who tended to catch every germ that made the rounds and since they started taking them, they’ve had the longest healthy streak ever! If you have a cold, they quickly alleviate the symptoms and if you feel a little run down, you can take them proactively to strengthen your immune system. Not to mention, they are downright delicious tasting; a lot like blackberry. I use a brand called Sambucol which I will attempt to link for you here:


The other product I wanted to grab was another new one for me that I kept hearing about: colloidal silver spray. ***As with any new product you are interested in trying out, please-do your research and talk to your health care professionals, as some things can have different effects if you are taking any other medications or have any preexisting conditions.*** I found out the following benefits of colloidal silver.

I will attempt to link the brand I picked up to try. I purchased mine at The Vitamin Shoppe but found it even cheaper on Amazon.


Another favorite of our family is for if all else fails and tissues are absolutely necessary: Puffs plus lotion! And if we are extra bougie: Puff plus lotion with Vicks! Honestly, if you’ve never tried a tissue with lotion, it’s not greasy at all. It just feels like soft tissue and everything else without lotion now feels like sandpaper to me. And the Vicks scented tissues are amazing, especially if you appreciate that nasal clearing eucalyptus scent. With a stuffy nose, these are the ultimate indulgence! I will put links for both here.



So, these have been our family’s natural cold care favorites. But just as we heard of each one of these from others, I would love for you to comment on what some of your favorites are! I cannot believe afterall, how long elderberry alluded me! So just when I thought I knew it all with vitamin c, zinc, and echinacea-BAM!-I come across that one and it was like, “Hello, where have you been all my life?!” I so love always learning. Wishing wellness and health to you all, xoxox

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