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The Only Thing Constant Is Change

This pandemic has been one roller coaster ride after another! Working from home, back in the office, back to home, and now back to the office again for me. Every time I thought I was settling in to a routine I was happy with….BAM….we got to come up with another one. And never with any forewarning-because where is the fun in that? And my new hobby blog I started completely fell to the wayside because at one point or another, quite a lot fell to the wayside. Each abrupt change came with a reassessment and a rebuilding of routine, wardrobe, and schedule. But a lot of the new things that I had not had time to feel confident in, got a bit lost in the many shuffles. And since my personality at times can be very all or nothing, the blog got nothing for a while but now I want to give it my all, or maybe just get things back on track with a streak to just break through the perfectionism and fear. Sound good?! Okay then!! Let’s go!!

A newfound love for loungewear!!! (wearing Aerie by American Eagle)

So the first pandemic lockdown found me working from home in pajamas everyday because why not?!But I quickly grew tired of that. Luckily, around that time, I got to go back to the office where I got to wear all my office clothes again with newfound appreciation. But then we got sent back home again and I knew I didn’t want to go back to my pjs-all-day-ways. It was then I discovered a love for cute and comfy loungewear!! It wasn’t pajamas nor was it activewear or regular clothing but it was rather a hybrid of all of that. Perfecto! I could work comfortably in it, run outside on my breaks or grab a quickie yoga session on my phone app (or power nap!) and then pop out to run errands, all in the same outfit. I mean, how cool is that?! In a time where you have to really appreciate the little things, this loungewear trend makes me happy and I am here for it. 😉

What are some of your pandemic discoveries that you now love?! Leave a comment below and share!!

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