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Pandemic fashion trend: Loungewear!

Since the beginning of the pandemic lockdown, I quickly grew tired of wearing my pjs all day everyday while working from home but couldn’t quite motivate to get fully dressed. This is when I discovered loungewear! It is more elevated than ordinary pajamas but equally as comfortable, if not more so! Loungewear often comes in ultra comfy material and is thicker and more modest than some pajamas allowing you to go from the couch to the grocery store without feeling bad about it. Loungewear has been coming out in matching sets which makes you look even more put together than your Old Navy flannel pants ever could. Loungewear looks great accessorized with the latest layering or chunky chained necklaces. Loungewear can come very reasonably priced too, which has made it all too convenient to add this whole other category to my wardrobe. Oh, and loungewear pieces can even be intermixed with your regular outfits!

Loungewear isn’t just warm, fuzzy, coziness either. Now that summer is almost here, you can find cute, lighter and airier, loungewear pieces that can easily become your new warm weather uniform as well. I am so excited I came across a winner set on Amazon recently that I love so much, I am going to order it in all the other colors! The set is a short sleeve tee and matching shorts and the material is magical! It drapes well and is thick quality material but still cool and comfortable at the same time. I am here for it all!! Long live this loungewear trend!

Amazon $25 2 piece set

Above is the link to the Amazon set. It comes in 6 colors, runs big so you can order your true size and get the relaxed fit just fine. Sizes are small to extra large. The drawstring on the shorts is ornamental but not needed as the waistband is nice and stretchy. I am 5’5”, 127 lbs, wearing the small. Xoxox

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