Happy Thanksgiving!!

Welcome to my my very first blog and Happy Thanksgiving 2020!! This year has definitely been a different one with the pandemic (and fires, floods, elections, etc.) but it has also been a good year for gratitude and perspective. The year started off for me with some drastic changes but clean slates can be a lot of fun too. One thing that I was happy to recreate though was our Thanksgiving morning traditions. Somehow over the years I have always woken up early, fixed a spread of baby quiches, our fall favorite-pomegranates, Entenmann’s variety donuts, berries, and coffee. I turn on the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade and wait for my girls to rouse and join in.

Then together we graze and watch the floats, bands, musical numbers, and THE RADIO CITY ROCKETTES until Santa appears and then the National Dog Show comes on and we root for our favorite breeds. (We sounded like we were cheering at a sports event when the Standard Poodle won best in its class this year!!). My older daughter recently moved out on her own again but she still came over to participate in our girly fun. I sure was especially grateful for something familiar and so cherished this year. What are some of your Thanksgiving traditions with your family?! Did you get to continue them this year or did you have to switch things up because of COVID? Feel free to leave your comments below! xoxox

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