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Cheaper than fillers-supplements!! They work!!!!

Okay, so scrolling through Instagram and my phone on a Saturday morning, I came across an ad from Beverly Hills MD about supplements that were likened to the fountain of youth. Who else has seen that infomercial? I had been noticing all kinds of signs of aging lately so it totally caught my attention. I mean, at age 43 now, I have noticed my hair and eyelashes thinning, my skin losing some of its luster, and my liquid collagen and eyelash serums just didn’t seem as effective as they used to be. I was even considering fillers for the lines that run down from the sides of my nose to the corners of my mouth. Well, this infomercial talked about some supplements that promised to counter all my worries so I listened and took notes! The main two ingredients were things I had totally heard of before: saw palmetto and hyaluronic acid. HA is an ingredient in many skincare serums but I had no idea that it was even more important to take orally. I didn’t even know that was a thing! It somehow moisturizes your skin from the inside out, plumping and softening its appearance. HA taken orally helps collagen supplements work even better and vice versa. The saw palmetto blocks a hormone in the body called DHT-Dihydrotestosterone-that contributes to hair loss. I wrote both down and immediately hopped onto Amazon to see if I could find those two supplements any cheaper than the Beverly Hills MD was offering them at.

Supplements I have been taking (and LOVING!!)

The supplements in the photo are what I found at a good price with top reviews. I started taking them immediately. I take two of the Hyaluronic Acid capsules and one of the saw palmetto pills every morning now. I wasn’t expecting overnight results by any means and even kind of forgot about them when one day I looked in the mirror and was taken by surprise. The lines on my face were completely gone! It looked like I had gotten filler in them! My face was smoother, clearer, and plumped-youthful looking again! I ran to my daughter to show her and she noticed the difference too! I looked like I had gotten hundreds of dollars of fillers in my face (in a good way, LOL). I immediately remembered my supplements and the claims made on the infomercial. They were not over exaggerating. These supplements WORK!! I was giddy!! I have been happily taking these amazing supplements ever since and haven’t even run out yet. I will absolutely be repurchasing though when the time comes. If you buy and try these too, let me know how your results are. Or if you take something similar already, leave a comment below to share your experience! I have included a link up above if you want to try them out for yourself.

UPDATE: I went and saw my hairdresser recently who commented that my hair was thicker! I told her that I have been taking these supplements that help with hair thinning and she confirmed that my hair was definitely looking and feeling fuller!

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